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There are a couple of ways you may want to do this – I’ve described two below. The first is a word count that runs itself and updates a value somewhere on the page, the second a word count initiated by the user.

Method 1: Using a timed function

My solution for the first method is simply a function that runs at a regular interval. It grabs the text from the specific CKEditor instance, performs a word count and updates a div on the page

Stick this function in the head of your document:

Put an element on the page and give it the id ‘wordcount’. Then after your CKEditor element is on the page, put another script tag in and run this:

That should do the job! It will update the word count every 5 seconds

Method 2: Using a CKEditor plugin

To do it this way we’ll need to create a folder in the CKEditor plugins directory. Name it wordcount and create a blank plugin.js file in there. Copy the code below in:

You might want to put a nice word count image icon in (icon.png). Here is a lame one I did – just save it into your word count plugin directory: word count icon

When you are initiating your CKEditor you’ll need to add the plugin in, something like this:

You should now have a button in your editor that will give you your word count. Hooray!

11 thoughts on “CKEditor word count

  1. Hi everyone, I implemented this solution and worked very well, except for one thing:

    I have two ckeditors in my page, and every time I insert any text in editor 1, the charcount of editor 2 is updated with charcount of editor 1.

    Has one ever experienced this?


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